INTERVIT Company Ltd has a possibility to produce spare parts made from technical ceramics for different industrial equipment of the Customer.

The main ceramic materials, which we use, are aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide and silicon nitride.

These ceramic products have a high wear resistance, good dielectric properties and very stable in aggressive environments.

Here are the main properties of our ceramic materials, as follows:

Property Unit of measure Al2O3


Density g/cm3 3,9 6
Flexural strength MPa 340 1000
Compressive strength MPa 3600 3000
Modulus of elasticity GPa 380 200
Impact resistance MPa х m1/2 5,1 8
Dielectric strength kV/mm 25
Max working temperature 0С 1750 1000


Possible overall dimensions of our technical ceramic products – from 0,5 to 1000 mm