PCD notching tool – it`s changeable cutting inserts made of superhard PolyCrystalline Diamond material (PCD) and applied for notching (milling) of hard-to-machine materials, such as the tungsten carbide.   

Our company produces this kind of tool using high quality blanks from the best worldwide brands, that`s why the durability of its cutting edges is high.

The main application of our PCD inserts is a notching of rebar profile`s grooves on tungsten carbide metallurgical rolls.

In practice very often the Customers perform this operation at their roll-turning shops on special foreign machines ATOMAT or HERKULES using our PCD cutting tool.

Usually we produce PCD inserts according to the customer`s drawings or you can write all necessary dimensions in the following table:

PCD cutting tool

Rb Td TL h Bs S1 S2 Y1 Y2 Alfa